About Us

From faded and separated driveways to newly installed paver patios, we can restore and seal your hardscape to perfection. We have a quality reputation and an experienced crew that utilizes the best sealer available. We only use quality Florida-designed commercial sealers - these products were specially designed for our state’s climate. Other brands, including all those from box stores, just don't stand up to the heat, moisture and humidity of Florida. We find ourselves constantly stripping sealer off pavers that has failed in under 14 months. Don't spend twice or three times the money! Get it done right the first time.
With 100’s of pool decks, patios, walkways, driveways and other stone and paver areas sealed and/or restored,  we are confident you will love what we can do for you. We have you covered, from custom tinting shades to super high gloss finishes.
Do you have a home or investment property that needs to be cleaned? We offer full-service pressure washing and soft washing. We use a custom in-house chemical blend that will neutralize and eliminate algae, mold, fungus and all other organic debris. We take a professional approach to your property's needs. There's more to cleaning a house that just “BLASTING” it with high pressure causing damage to your home's roof, window seals, paint, etc. We utilize ultra low pressure nozzles and a chemical process using an electric pump that sprays at a pressure the same as your water hose.
Our knowledge of chemicals and the biology of the organics growing on your property allows us to remove them with a proven safe method. With hundreds of satisfied customers there is no property big or small we cannot clean.