Sealing Your Concrete: A Guide to a Beautiful and Durable Surface

sealing your concrete

Despite being a solid and adaptable building material used in many applications, concrete can quickly become stained or damaged or lose its luster if it is not maintained correctly. However, you may shield your concrete from the elements, increase its lifespan, and retain its aesthetic appeal by sealing it. Sealing is the secret to a […]

8 Great Reasons You Should Hire a Local Orlando Paver Installation Company

orlando paver installation

Hiring an Orlando paver installation company can be highly beneficial when installing a paver system. At S&J we have the expertise and experience of working with the local climate and understand their client’s specific needs and requirements better than anyone else. Additionally, we are familiar with the materials and techniques that work best in this […]

Signs You Need Professional Paver Resurfacing Orlando, FL

Paver Resurfacing

Have you noticed your pavers look worse for wear lately? Don’t fret; it’s natural to suffer from the occasional sign of aging. After all, pavement is like anything else – eventually, its charm fades with time. That once-beautiful driveway shows signs of discoloration and an overall decrease in visual appeal. Before getting too panicked and […]

6 Things You Must Know About Paver Sealing In Orlando

paver sealing contractor

Paver sealing applies a sealant to the surface of pavers, interlocking bricks, or stones commonly used for patios, walkways, and driveways. The sealant helps to protect the pavers from staining, discoloration, and erosion caused by water, oil, and other substances. It also helps to enhance the color and overall appearance of the pavers. If you […]

The Average Cost of Paver Sealing in Orlando, FL

paver installation services

Keeping pavers in optimal condition is no easy task, but with professional paver sealing, it can become a reality. Professional paver sealing makes your outdoor areas look fantastic and last longer and helps protect them from the elements. Knowing the average cost of paver sealing in Orlando, FL, is essential for budgeting and planning accordingly.In […]