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Paver Stripping


Top-Rated Paver Stripping

Top-Rated Paver Stripping 

At S&J Exterior Maintenance, the customer always comes first. We take pride in offering the highest quality products and service in the industry.

The Florida climate can wreak havoc on the exterior surfaces and hardscaping around your home or business. Your pavers may require stripping when a cheap or low-quality paver sealant has been used in the past. This is why S & J Exterior Maintenance only uses the highest quality Florida-designed commercial sealers, specially designed for our state’s climate. We also specialize in the professional stripping and restoration of your pavers.

It is not uncommon for our specialists to need to remove paver sealants for our clients. Many sealants just aren’t appropriate for our climate and can lead to a host of issues for the homeowner. When inefficient and incorrect sealant is placed over your pavers in Florida, you may notice a hazy or white finish over time. This is caused by the large amount of moisture and water in the ground.

Stripping is also necessary to remove  sealed in dirt or contaminants that were not professionally cleaned and removed prior to sealing or if your joints were sealed before proper sanding was performed. Whatever the reason you may need paver stripping, the professionals at S & J Exterior Maintenance are highly trained and experienced in the correct cleaning, sanding, and sealant removal techniques. Call or visit us today for a free estimate and to find out if paver stripping can help you revitalize your pavers.

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Paver Stripping
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